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    I am an independent researcher and engineer interested in vision and language systems toward creating seemless interactions between agents and users. In the past, I have been a visiting research scientist at Facebook AI working with Jessica Hodgins, I have graduated from MIT while being advised by Cynthia Breazeal, and I was a Research Engineer at the Samsung AI Center. Nick on the beach

    Recent updates

    • [September. 2023] Apologies for the lack of updates:
      • This year I have two journal pieces coming out in January 2024.
      • Are you interested in the intersection of deep learning and human robot interaction? Then please consider submitting to TAHRI, a new symposia I’m helping to contribute to that will try to bring these two communities together.
      • I am now contributing actively to the semio community project, a non profit that will be building open source social robotics software. Early projects include Oculator, a visual cognitive architecture for driving active vision for Quori.
    • [Oct. 2019] I’m currently a guest editor for the Special Issue for the Journal of Community Well Being. Please consider submitting your research on the Intersections of Artificial Intelligence and Community Well-Being!
    • [Nov. 2019] Transitioned from Samsung Research of America to Facebook AI.
    • [Jul.-Nov. 2019] Co-organized AAAI Fall Symposium Series Artificial Intelligence and Human-Robot Interaction for Service Robots in Human Environments (website)
    • [Dec. 2018] NeurIPS workshop paper on Minority report detection in refugee-authored journalism using RBMs accepted.